Body Changes Due to Diabetes

Body changes due to diabetes?

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What happens to your body when you have diabetes? If your diabetes is controllable by medication or diet and exercise, you may not even notices any body changes due to diabetes. 

But if you’re like the majority of diabetes patients, you’ll soon begin to see a difference in any number of areas. Here’s a great little article on body changes due to diabetes:


Changes due to diabetes:

High blood pressure: Diabetes directly or indirectly affects the blood pressure levels of the patient. A diabetic always record high blood pressure levels because of atherosclerosis where the blood arteries hardens and thickens. Hypertension is one of the causes of diabetes. Due to hypertension, blood pressure increases. This increases the risk of coronary and heart diseases. That is why, many diabetic suffer from heart stroke or blockage.

After you are detected with diabetes, there a lot of chances to suffer from heavy hair loss. The thick hair starts thinning and slowly, you will start looking bald. Due to excessive anxiety, stress and poor blood flow in the body, chances of hair fall increases. That is why,…More at Changes In Body Due To Diabetes – BoldSky

As a diabetic myself, I’ve noticed almost all of these changes. But before my diagnosis I just wrote it off to some other minor, passing ailment or even to “growing older.”

Now I realize my body was actually trying to tell me something. 

If you do not have diabetes but you do have some of the physical changes listed in this article excerpt (above), then maybe you should take it as a sign that you should start paying attention to what your body is telling you.

I went for a couple of years thinking that my fatigue was just something that happened to all of us as we passed a certain age. But the culprit was more likely an early sign of diabetes. 

This I know:  I’m paying much more attention to aches and pains these days. Each time my knee swells up, I no longer write it off to a 50 year old soccer injury (which I remember like it was yesterday). I see it more as an indication that I’m probably not getting the exercise I should so I consider adding another mile to my daily walks.

It’s fascinating what these fragile bodies do tell us. Now if only we would listen.

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